Himyarite Kingdom Coin (2nd Century A.D.) Earrings in Solid 18kt Gold


Our latest relics are these one-of-a-kind silver coins, which date back to 2nd century Yemen—once known as Arabia Felix for its desirable climate and abundant agriculture and spices. The people who used them were called Himyarites, and they were inspired by Romans coins, which they had just started trading with. 

We’ve reclaimed these ancient coins and set them in buttery 18kt yellow gold, as a testament to the rich and storied history of the area. A portion of these proceeds from this sale will be donated to the International Rescue Committee to help the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Arabia Felix, Himyarite Kings: Struck circa 100-200A.D. (nd) 

Reverse: Head right, within circular torque, monogram behind

Obverse: Head right, scepter before, kings name and mint in South Arabian Script around

1.5grams Ancient Silver each 

Details & Materials

  • Solid 18kt yellow gold setting with a matte finish
  • 6 prong set coins with butterfly backing
  • Earring size: 16MM x 16MM x 5MM
  • Handmade in NYC

*These Ancient South Arabian coins are an authentic antiquity dating back to the 2nd century A.D., discovered in modern day Yemen. All gold is a modern addition. This antiquity was purchased from a private collector in New York City.*


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