Saif Latif exists to inspire a mood—the timeless feeling of passionate despair that’s flowed through romantic thinkers for ages. Each design is inspired by the tragic extravagance of the past and created to invoke your most powerful, emotional memories. The collection is drenched in nostalgia, forgotten motifs from history, and musings on a fantastical future few dare to dream of. Once reserved for the rich and powerful, the ornate opulence captured in Saif Latif Jewelry is now democratized for all. Because each of us deserves to revel in these Lost Relics, Reimagined

Educare University


We operate on one simple premise: Everyone deserves to live their fullest, richest fantasies. We experience ours through our jewelry. Many of the pieces were worn exclusively by aristocracy and royalty. Just like reclaiming an artifact from a museum for the people, we’re taking back these antique designs—and reinterpreting them for all modern romantics to wear. 

Educare University


As a long-time admirer of ancient artifacts dating back to the first century BC, we’re constantly reclaiming antiquities from private collectors across the globe and repurposing them as jewelry. These one-of-a-kind creations are handmade, set in solid gold, and use only the finest precious and semi-precious stones. Each represents an idea at the core of the brand.

Educare University


The right jewelry can help transport you to a time, place, or memory. By pouring through books and image archives from the past, we’re able to identify jewelry with its own unique history. We then reinterpret the piece’s meaning and breathe new life to the antique-inspired designs. Then our customers get to wear that bit of history and rewrite the context surrounding each piece. 


Saif Latif—translated to “gentle sword” in Arabic—is an Abu Dhabi-born designer who lives and works in New York City. He was educated in Design at Parson’s New School for Design and has designed for many of the country's top fashion houses. But his true passion has always been in jewelry and storytelling. His design aesthetic has always been fueled by the opulence of history, especially the religious iconography of the time. As a proud, queer, BIPOC immigrant, he’s passionate about democratizing the beautiful jewelry that was previously reserved for rich white aristocrats of the West. By creating an attainable range of jewelry that calls upon history—and not trends—he proudly reclaims these beautiful designs from their oppressive, exclusionary pasts so they can be abbreviated and live on with newfound meaning.