Freshwater Pearl Choker


Pearls have been an enduring symbol of power and wisdom throughout history. Dating back as far as 5600BC, pearls have not only been used to adorn the royal and aristocratic, but also used as a means of tribute and worship. 

Across centuries and cultures, the meaning of the pearl has shifted and grown. One symbol remains: purity. A pearl is one of the only stones that is naturally found in its purest glory - untouched and untreated by man, it requires no cutting and no polishing. Pearls have such charge and power behind them, that they are also mentioned in the Quran, the Bible, and the Torah. 

Pearls are known to have a calming effect on the wearer, boosting serenity and creating a sense of safety – exactly why so many powerful rulers in history rarely removed their pearl jewelry.

This 18kt gold vermeil choker is adorned with genuine freshwater pearls, to bring the wearer wisdom and tranquility. 

Details & Materials

  • 16" length
  • Genuine freshwater pearls 
  • 18kt yellow gold vermeil on a solid sterling silver base
  • Hand strung and assembled

Due to the unique nature of freshwater pearls, some variation in shape and size may naturally occur. 


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