Mourning Signet Ring


In Victorian times, those in mourning often wore rings given to them by the dying to display their anguish.  Only the wealthy and aristocratic could afford such an extravagance at the time. The gold and black rings were traditionally worn on the ring finger. Pearls were a common motif of the time that represented the tears of those left behind. 

Queen Victoria popularized mourning attire and jewelry when she notoriously grieved for almost 40 years following the sudden death of her beloved Prince Albert. To have one on your hand was a great honor, proving you were among the most important people in the life of the departed. 

Today, mourning rings can be used to commemorate a person, a moment, or even a relationship. This piece references traditional mourning ring designs, reading “In Memory Of” across the shank as a constant reminder of profound loss.

Details & Materials

  • Genuine freshwater seed pearl
  • 18kt yellow gold vermeil on a solid sterling silver base
  • Hand-painted black enamel 
  • 15MM x 2MM x 20MM 


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Mourning jewelry was popularized by Queen Victoria's infamous 4-decade-long mourning period after the tragic passing of her true love, Prince Albert. She was known to wear only black jewels, thus starting a new trend in jewelry across the land. By the time this fashion trickled down to the aristocracy, imagery in mourning jewelry became softer and more sentimental - featuring black stones and pearls.

Antique mourning rings are incredible symbols of love, life, and death in our pasts - however they are often hidden away in private collections of the wealthy and elite, fetching thousands of dollars at auctions.

We have reimagined these symbols to be accessible to all people who wish to wear them.

Antique inspired mourning rings with black enamel, sitting on antique books and black candles that have been blown out, on beautiful antique candle holders. Fresh flowers and tapestries complete the image.