The Lyre of Achilles


Inspired by The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and Homer's The Iliad, this handcrafted lyre pendant symbolizes the innocent brotherhood and loving bond between Achilles and his companion, Patroclus. 

As a young boy, Patroclus was exiled from his kingdom and shipped far away with gifts and gold to be offered to any ruler willing to accept him. Among those gifts was a lyre, belonging to his mother. 

King Peleus welcomed Patroclus to his kingdom, filled with lost and exiled boys from across Ancient Greece. It was here that Patroclus met the the prince Achilles, who at once claimed Patroclus as his personal companion and confidant. 

Patroclus was always enamored by the grace and skill with which Achilles played that lyre. It was a gentle and loving song that flowed through their years together, until fate and prophecy forced them to shed their youthful innocence.

The two were inseparable from boyhood until the Trojan War. After the death of Patroclus, Achilles was so distraught that it's said he refused to bury the body until the ghost of Patroclus visited him, pleading for rest and release. It was after the devastating loss of his lifelong partner that Achilles rode into battle to fulfill the prophecy and meet his death. 

The ashes of Achilles were buried alongside those of Patroclus, bonding them for eternity. 

Details & Materials

  • 16" length
  • 18kt yellow gold vermeil on a solid sterling silver base
  • Hand made


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